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Image showing silhouetted electricity pylons against a warm orange sunset.

 Pylons and 

High Voltage Cabling 

An essential part to any power station project, pylons are used to support high-voltage overhead cables – which carry and transmit electricity around a country, and between sub-stations.

pylon png.png
Image of an electricity pylon against bright blue skies.

Pylons are usually made of steel, due to its strength and durability. Insulators are used at the points where the high voltage cables connect to the pylon to avoid the steel conducting any electrical current from the cables into the tower. 

Arun provides pylons of varying sizes, depending on client requirements, whilst ensuring high clearance is maintained for safety purposes as the high voltage cable is usually uninsulated. Pylons are a good solution for distributing power effectively across challenging terrain, as they can be erected across rivers, valleys, railway lines for example.

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